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The Overseas Koreans Foundation's first history in 26 years...The dissolution ceremony will be held on June 1st N
Established in 1997, the Overseas Koreans Foundation was dissolved, and the Overseas Koreans Office
With the launch of the Overseas Koreans' Office, the Overseas Koreans' Foundation (Chairman
1 hour(s) ago
HD Hyundai Heavy Industries Contributes to Successful Launch of Nuri's
The launch pad system works perfectly in the third launch following the first and second rounds
Photo : Nuri, ready to launch from a launch pad built by HD Hyundai Heavy Industries (source: Korea
26 May 2023
Seocho Youth Center promotes customized youth projects for young people in Seocho-gu
Seocho Youth Center (hereinafter referred to as the center) will promote "for young people"
The Youth Academy, which began in April this year, supports various activities such as creator train
13 May 2023
Seoul City Announces Tourism Attractiveness in Seoul and other provinces with MZ's View
Seoul City, which marks its fourth anniversary this year, will launch tourism promotion activities f
The Seoul Metropolitan Government said that the Seoul Metropolitan Government's 2030 Tourism Pro
10 May 2023
Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirms Overseas Koreans' Office as Incheon City
Chung Il-young, National Assemblyman, to Songdo International City, the final destination of the Ove
The launch location of the Overseas Koreans Office under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which will
9 May 2023
Recruitment of new candidates for the "Youth Tomorrow Savings Account" to help low-income young people start on May 1st
The Ministry of Health and Welfare announced that it will recruit new subscribers for the "Yout
※source : 'PeopleTV'
1 May 2023
Kim Kwan-yong, Senior Vice Chairman of PUAC, Appeals for Unification Policy Lecture and Support for Normalization of Korea-Japan Relations in Osaka and Nagoya, Japan
The Peaceful Unification Advisory Council (Senior Vice Chairman Kim Kwan-yong, hereinafter PUAC), a
In addition, the Korean government asked the general public and the Korean-Japanese community to joi
26 Apr 2023
PUAC, Yoon Seok-yeol's government's first appointment of a Pyeongtong advisor begins
The Secretariat of The Peaceful Unification Advisory Council (PUAC), a presidential constitutional o
The secretariat plans to receive recommendations from lawmakers, heads of local governments across t
20 Apr 2023
More than 800 people from 67 countries participated, and it was held in Japan for the first time overseas
The 24th World Congress, hosted by the World Korean Trade Association (Chairman Jang Young-sik, here
Hosted by World Octa, a total of 800 people participated this year, including 600 World Octa members
20 Apr 2023
Hamyang-gun Agri-food Contracts $2.6M Export for First Landing in Thailand
Singapore also holds a $1 million export agreement, Southeast Asian Market Development Group Thailan
The Southeast Asian market pioneer team in Hamyang-gun signed a $2.6 million jackpot export contract
17 Apr 2023


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Thailand Headquarters

PIPL2 Co., Ltd.

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Onnut 21, Suan Luang District, Bangkok, Thailand. 10250

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