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오재경 Oh Jae-Gyung
3 Nov 2023

"Conclusion of a business agreement for the establishment and operation of the Overseas Koreans Certification Center"

On November 2, the Overseas Koreans Agency (Director Lee Ki-chul) and the Korea Internet Promotion Agency (Director Lee Won-tae) signed a business agreement to introduce and operate a non-face-to-face identification system for overseas Koreans and signed the agreement.

As one of the national tasks, the government is pushing to strengthen digital non-face-to-face services for overseas Koreans, and this business agreement aims to establish mutual exchanges and cooperation between institutions to provide non-face-to-face and digital identification services to overseas Koreans who want to use domestic civil complaints and various services abroad. 

In the future, the two organizations will work together to establish and operate the △ Overseas Koreans Certification Center (tentative name), prepare laws and systems for △ Overseas Koreans' non-face-to-face identification, and improve the stability and reliability of the identification method.

Currently, mobile phone authentication, credit card authentication, iPin, and electronic signature certificates are all national-based identification methods, and overseas Koreans need to maintain unnecessary domestic mobile phone subscriptions, hold domestic credit cards, and visit long-distance overseas missions, eventually making it impossible to use domestic digital services normally and causing a lot of social costs.

To solve this problem, the Overseas Koreans' Office has pushed for continuous business consultations with the Ministry of Science and ICT and the Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA), which are in charge of the Electronic Signature Act, to provide non-face-to-face and digital identification services, and plans to solve the long-cherished desire of overseas Koreans by providing non-face-to-face and digital identification services using private electronic authentication apps such as electronic passports, Kakao and Naver in 2024.

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