World-OKTA - MAINBiz signs business agreement to help boost exports of small and medium-sized enterprises in Korea

오재경 Oh Jae-Gyung
22 Jan 2024

▲ World-OKTA Chairman Park Jong-beom (right) and MAINBiz Chairman Seok Yong-chan (left) are taking photos after signing a business agreement. (Courtesy of World-OKTA) 

World-OKTA (World Federation of Overseas Korean Traders Association) (Chairman Park Jong-beom) and MAINBiz (Korea Management Innovation Small and Medium Business Association) (Chairman Seok Yong-chan) signed a business agreement at the World-OKTA Headquarters Secretariat on January 22 to support the promotion of exports by domestic SMEs.

The main purpose of this agreement is to expand exports of excellent SME products through active private economic diplomacy activities with World-OKTA, which has a global Korean economic network, and MAINBiz, which supports the growth of domestic SMEs. 

The main points of the agreement are △ Export cooperation and support for overseas expansion of domestic SMEs △ Establishment of a support system for export support projects in connection with the World-OKTA network △ Sharing information on economic cooperation such as overseas markets and investment trends. 

Park Jong-beom, chairman of World-OKTA, said, "Through active cooperation with MAINBiz, we will do our best to revitalize exports to Korea by creating opportunities for small and medium-sized companies with excellent technology in Korea to develop overseas markets and expand buyer networks."


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