World Congress of the 'largest economic network of 7.5 million overseas Koreans' opens the budget book in Chungnam

오재경 Oh Jae-Gyung
17 Apr 2024

Hosted by World-OKTA, 800 people from 98 cities from 46 countries participate

The largest global Korean economic network event to be held for 24 years

Participation in export consultations for 90 companies in Chungnam-do and 41 members of the World-OKTA trade show

Hosted by the World-OKTA (Chairman Park Jong-beom), the largest economic organization of 7.5 million overseas Koreans, the 25th World Representatives' Congress kicked off at Yesan Sports Complex in Chungnam on the 16th.

▲ World-Okta Chairman Park Jong-beom to deliver the opening speech of the 25th World Congress of Representatives and Export Consultation

Hosted by World-OKTA, the competition is a venue for small and medium-sized Korean companies to expand overseas and invest in their home countries, and more than 800 people, including CEOs of Korean businessmen, next-generation businessmen, and Korean small and medium-sized businesses, participated this year in 46 countries and 98 cities around the world.

Starting with the national protocol, the opening ceremony was followed by Chairman Park Jong-beom's opening speech, Rep. Kim Seok-ki, Yonhap News President Sung Ki-hong, Chungcheongnam-do Governor Kim Tae-heum, Yesan County Governor Choi Jae-gu's welcoming speech, and a congratulatory speech by aT President Kim Chun-jin.

In addition, Kang Seung-kyu, a member of the National Assembly (Hongseong Yesan, South Chungcheong Province), Kim Young-hoon, president of the Korean Bar Association, Kim Myung-jin, president of the Korea Management Innovation Small and Medium Business Association, Choi Bong-kyu, president of the Small and Medium Business Convergence Center, and Lim Kyung-ho, president of Gongju National University, attended the event. 

In addition, Honorary Chairman Cho Byung-tae, Chun Yong-soo, Kim Woo-jae, Park Ki-chul, and Ha Yong-hwa of World-OKTA, Director Ahn Kyung-ryul of the Institute for International Trade Strategy, Chairman Lee Young-joong of World Octa, and major executives of the 22nd executive branch were present together. 

In the second part, each MOU was signed with the Korean Bar Association, the Korea Carbon Industry Promotion Agency, and the Seoul National University Institute for Unification and Peace, and a ceremony to deliver a plaque to Lee Chan-hee, chairman of the World-OKTA Ethics Management Committee, as well as rewards for government meritorious people such as the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency.

In addition, there was a promotional video screening for the "28th Korea International Businessmen's Congress (2024 KOREA BUSINESSEXPO VIENNA)" scheduled to be held at the Vienna International Center in Vienna, Austria for three days from October 29 to November 1 this year.

In his opening speech, Chairman Park Jong-beom said, "I hope this competition will serve as a time to look back on the role and significance of Korean businessmen in the process of economic development in Korea, contributing to the strengthening of the capabilities of Korean representatives overseas and the overseas expansion of their home countries."

▲ Chairman Park Jong-beom (left) and Governor Kim Tae-heum of South Chungcheong Province

The 25th World Representatives' Congress will run until the 19th, and on the 17th during the competition, there will be a "trade show" to expand business between the Chungnam-do Business Export Consultation and World-OKTA members, a continental meeting and a special committee meeting, and a "Common Globalization Strategy Forum" to discuss success stories and strategies for membership businesses. The export consultation will be attended by 90 excellent small and medium-sized companies in Chungnam-do selected after screening, and 41 World-OKTA member companies will participate in the trade show.

On the 18th, there will be a workshop of the branch president, an expanded chairman's meeting, a meeting of the Trade Commission, a next-generation global network forum, and a closing ceremony.

▲ Participants are taking a commemorative photo at the opening ceremony of the 25th World Congress and Export Consultation.

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