Nongshim to strengthen its target on the EU as a French base...Major retailers such as Leclerc and Carrefour enter

오재경 Oh Jae-Gyung
14 May 2024

▲ Shin Ramen at the Dutch bus stop

Nongshim is targeting French and EU markets in earnest with the expansion of its sales network to large French retailers. In addition, Nongshim plans to expand its domestic export factories and U.S. second plant lines to expand its global supply capacity.

Nongshim announced that it will officially enter French Top 2 retailers Le Clair and Carrefour in June by significantly increasing the supply of major ramen and snack products such as raccoons and pure ramen (vegetable ramen) in addition to the existing Shin Ramen. In addition, Nongshim plans to strengthen its marketing of customer contact points by promoting "Korea Expo 2024," "K-Street Festival" and "In-store Pop-up Store" for large sports events to be held in Paris, France this year.

Nongshim plans to target all of southwestern Europe, including Spain and Italy, with the opportunity to enter large French retailers. In addition, Nordic countries, including Sweden and Denmark, also plan to expand their distribution networks through leading local clients. Nongshim is also pushing to establish a European sales corporation to analyze trends across Europe and develop local optimization marketing activities.

Nongshim will also strengthen its supply capacity to support the recent aggressive expansion of the global market. It is considering establishing a domestic export-only plant to expand supply to Europe and Asia, and its second plant in the U.S. will actively respond to local demand for container noodles by adding a high-speed line for container noodles in October this year.

Nongshim's aggressive policy to strengthen its entry into overseas markets and expand its productivity is based on the performance of its second plant in the U.S., which marks two years of operation this year. The U.S. second plant has been active as the central axis of Nongshim's overseas sales over the past two years, supporting it with sufficient production capacity to expand sales of Shin Ramen, its flagship product in the U.S., as well as to make various products stand out in the market.

Nongshim plans to target the entire European market, including South and North Europe, this year, and said it will do its best to meet various Nongshim products anywhere in the world with sufficient global production capacity.

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