<Video> Lee Kyung-soon, president of World Okta Fukuoka, said, "I will be a person who gives happiness to members and those around me."

오재경 Oh Jae-Gyung
21 May 2024

Q: Hello. First of all, congratulations on your appointment as the 11th chairman of the Fukuoka branch. As far as I know, the chairman has worked harder than anyone else, starting with World-OKTA as a general member, as well as as a director, public relations director, secretary general, and vice chairman. Please tell me how you feel about being appointed as the chairman of the branch.

▲Hello, I'm Kyung-soon Lee. It's an honor to be appointed as the 11th president of the Fukuoka branch.

I came to Fukuoka for the first time 23 years ago, and I have a trade and beauty aesthetic business.

By chance, I got to know the OKTA Fukuoka branch through an acquaintance, participated in monthly meetings, received a lot of help and support, played various roles, interacted with great representatives from various countries at the world competition, and experienced the power of this organization firsthand.

I will now deliver this support to others to help all World-OKTA members succeed and develop. I will do my best to develop the Fukuoka branch through cooperation and harmony without losing my initial commitment.

Q:  Please tell us the challenges and plans you need to take to develop and revitalize the Fukuoka branch in the future.

▲ Both short-term tasks and long-term vision are important for the development of the Fukuoka branch. In the short term, we will promote exchanges between new and experienced members and lay the foundation for mutual cooperation through various business networks. We will invite experts in each field to strengthen our education and mentoring programs to create an environment where we can develop a spirit of challenge for trade and business.

In the long run, we will strive to establish the Fukuoka Branch as a core economic community in the Kyushu region. We will expand the sharing of information and know-how among our members to create business opportunities, cooperate with each other, and develop a culture of harmony to enhance the status of the Fukuoka Branch.

Q: I think there will be many twists and turns before the chairman comes to Japan 23 years ago and starts his current business. Q: Please explain your business.

▲After arriving in Fukuoka, I learned Japanese and started trading and aesthetic businesses. In the early days, there were difficulties in language and culture, but I got to know World-OKTA through acquaintances, so I learned about trade and business and developed a spirit of challenge by working as a member.

With the help of our members, we were able to successfully grow our trading and beauty aesthetic businesses while taking over the important position of OKTA Fukoka branch. Now, as the 11th branch president, I will return the love and consideration I have received so far to new people who are starting their lives in Japan, and I will do my best with the members without losing my initial commitment.

Q: If you have any motivation for coming to Japan and any memorable events, please tell us and tell us your future plans.

▲The motivation for coming to Japan is to study Japanese in earnest. Busan is my home, so I looked for the nearest place, and I came to Fukuoka. As a Korean and a member of OKTA, I will do business honestly and properly. My business is about health and beauty. My goal in life is to be a person who can give happiness to people by running a business now so that they can live healthy and beautifully.

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