KOTRA Holds Export Consultation on Smart City and ICT in Bangkok and Manila with MOLIT

오재경 Oh Jae-Gyung
14 Jun 2024

KOTRA (President Yoo Jeong-yeol) held "Korea-Tae Smart City Day" and "Philippines Smart City Road Show" in Bangkok, Thailand, and Manila, Philippines for four days from the 10th of this month. The event, jointly organized by MOLIT (Minister Park Sang-woo), was designed to support domestic smart city and ICT companies to enter the Southeast Asian market as part of the MOLIT Smart City Export Support Project.

First of all, the "Korea-Tai Smart City Day", which was held for two days from June 10, is held every year to promote exchanges between the two countries in accordance with the "Korea-Tai Smart City Cooperation Agreement (MOU)" signed by MOLIT and Thailand's Ministry of Digital Economy and Social Affairs in 2019. In particular, this year, it collaborated with the Busan Information Industry Promotion Agency (Director Kim Tae-yeol) to hold △ Korea-Thai Smart City Forum △ Exhibition Consultation Meeting △ Smart City Industry Inspection △ MOU signing ceremony.

The event involved 30 domestic companies in the smart city and ICT sectors and 90 local buyers and ordering companies who wished to enter Thailand, and more than 250 business consultations were held. In particular, officials from AMATA Group, Thailand's leading industrial complex developer, National Telecom, Thailand Transportation Authority, and Thailand Electric Power Authority also participated, showing active interest in introducing solutions in Korea's smart city, e-government, and digital medical fields.

In addition, during the event, MOLIT asked for active support for Korean companies with excellent technology to participate in Thailand's smart urban development project through bilateral interviews with the Thailand Digital Economy Promotion Agency.

Subsequently, at the "Philippines Smart City Road Show," which was held for two days from the 12th, a market briefing session for smart cities in the Philippines and more than 100 business consultations were held. The road show, which was organized with the Korea Water Resources Corporation, involved 14 Korean companies and 30 promising buyers and customers from the Philippines, including Globe Telecom, the No. 1 telecommunications company in the Philippines. In particular, government agencies (BCDA), which lead the development of New Clark City, the No. 1 smart city in the Philippines, also participated and had time to seek cooperation with Korean companies.

Meanwhile, Thailand is pushing for a "Thailand 4.0" policy that applies ICT technology to existing industries and economies while fostering new industries such as digital (IoT), AI), robots, and medical care. It is also a country that is expected to grow rapidly in smart cities and ICT-related markets in the future, with plans to build 105 smart cities by 2027.

In addition, the Philippines has established a "Digital City 2025" plan for the digitalization of cities and is making investments in infrastructure development and urbanization of local cities. In particular, as the number of new projects such as △Smart City Development △ Data Center Establishment △ Optical Cable Network through partnerships with major local developers and telecommunications companies increases, inquiries about Korean companies' participation in the Philippine market are also increasing.


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