C&Joy Lee Chi-hyun, CEO of C&Joy, started a business by differentiating coffee

오재경 Oh Jae-Gyung
14 Jun 2024

On the 13th, "a ceremony to commemorate the operation of the chep removal equipment" will be held at Sejong headquarters

CEO Lee Chi-hyun of C&Joy Co., Ltd., who makes premium coffee through differentiation of coffee in Sejong, launched in earnest on the 13th with a ceremony to commemorate the operation of the chep removal equipment at the headquarters in Sejong. He declared his departure as a global company by differentiating coffee, an indispensable favorite item in modern people's lives. At the ceremony, CEO Lee Chi-hyun, executive director Kim Joo-hee, advisor Chung Hyeon-taek, advisory chairman Oh No-kyun, legal advisor Shin Dong-hoon, legal advisor Choi Dae-yeol, waiting person Lee Eun-young, director Kim Yong-jang, director Jeong Yu-hyun, director Park Jeong-jun, and many investors participated in the ceremony to celebrate the launch.

In his speech, CEO Lee Chi-hyun said, "We have thoroughly conducted market research with developers through hard work and detailed verification procedures. I cannot forget the dedication of advisor Chung Hyeon-taek who has been with us in the sweat and passion today." He also said, "I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the investors who have been with us with faith, trust and the spirit of the owner." CEO Lee received a big round of applause when he said, "We will pioneer the U.S. market, the home of coffee, and grow it into a global company through bold investment and scientific development."

Chairman of the advisory committee Oh No-kyun said in a congratulatory speech, "I met with CEO Lee Chi-hyun 13 years ago at Gyeryongsan Mountain in the winter to organize an event for then-Minister of Public Administration and Security Kim Jung-gil, and have a good faith and friendship to this day. (CEO Lee) is a talented CEO who studies coffee in the standard at Dankook University Graduate School of Coffee and will run the company honestly." He also said, "C&Joy coffee taste and aroma are evaluated as the best," and asked for a lot of publicity around him.

Meanwhile, Lee received a commendation from the superintendent of Daejeon Metropolitan City last year as a person of distinguished service to schools in the community, and is recognized as a master of distinguished service as a 5-dan Taekwondo (Mudeokgwan) master. He also said, "We will officially support the Special Olympics Movement (SOK), which is headquartered in Sejong Special Self-Governing City and has an international headquarters (SOI) in the U.S., which instills dreams and hopes for people with developmental disabilities, as a social contribution project."


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