KDHC Cooperation With Uzbek Government To Introduce K-Heating In New Tashkent City

오재경 Oh Jae-Gyung
19 Jun 2024

In Tashkent, Uzbekistan, KDHC (President Chung Yong-ki) met with Minister of Energy Mirzamudov of Uzbekistan, and Adilov of the Ministry of Construction, Housing and Public Service (New Tashkent Business Manager), a district heating ministry, at a breakfast meeting on June 16 and discussed introducing Korean-style collective energy in New Tashkent.

The breakfast meeting was held during the Korea-Uzbeck summit when Uzbek Prime Minister Aripov instructed Uzbek Energy Minister to consult with Hannan on the New Tashkent city energy plan, and President Hanan Jeong Yong-gi personally proposed the minister of energy to have breakfast on Sunday. In particular, the Vice Minister of Construction and Housing Public Service, who is the head of the New Tashkent project, attended the meeting to explain the urban plan and implementation plan of the New Tashkent city.

At the meeting, KDHC President Chung Yong-gi proposed that if the energy minister is provided with a plan to develop a new city in New Tashkent, including a plan to supply and demand utilities such as gas and water, the government will consult with the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy to present an optimal collective energy business model using unused energy such as sewage heat and waste incineration heat, including cogeneration plants that can increase energy efficiency. In response, the energy minister said, "We hope that Korean officials will provide a feasibility study as soon as possible." In addition, KDHC President Chung Yong-gi said, "As Korea and Uzbekistan have a special strategic partnership, we hope that the new city project will be carried out in a speedy manner through cooperation from government ministries."

Currently, KDHC continues to implement Uzbekistan's district heating modernization project. In particular, during the Korea-Uzbeck summit, the two governments (Korea is the Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy, and Uzbekistan is the Minister of Energy and Public Housing Services) signed an agreement for cooperation in the district heating modernization project in Uzbekistan. With the aim of promoting practical cooperation in this modernization project, KDHC President Chung Yong-gi signed a memorandum of understanding with the Uzbek Energy Minister to "strengthen cooperation in the district heating sector including CHP" and a memorandum of understanding with the Uzbek Vice Minister of Construction and Public Housing Services to "strengthen cooperation for the modernization of district heating" in Uzbekistan.


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