Vietnam Woori Bank Opens Lotte Mall Branch in Hanoi...the spur of localization

오재경 Oh Jae-Gyung
2 Jul 2024

Woori Bank (Bank President Cho Byung-kyu) Vietnam's local subsidiary, "Vietnam Woori Bank," announced on the 25th of last month that it had established its 26th local branch, "Lotte Mall Branch" in Hanoi.

Lotte Mall is Asia's largest shopping mall located in Hotei, the center of Hanoi's new city. Since its opening in September last year, the cumulative number of visitors has surpassed 7 million, making it a hot place in Hanoi.

The opening ceremony of the Lotte Mall branch was attended by a large number of key figures, including local financial authorities such as the director of the International Cooperation Bureau of the Central Bank of Vietnam, as well as Jang Eun-sook, chairman of the Korean Association in Hanoi, Hong Sun, chairman of Kocham, and the head of a local corporation of a Korean company. In particular, it was well received by showing an advertisement video featuring Woori Financial Model IU through a large LED electronic display installed inside the Lotte Mall.

In the future, Lotte Mall branch plans to pursue localization strategies in a dense manner, such as operating Tuchers services for local asset customers, following its Star Lake branch, which opened in November last year.

Following Miding, a residential area for Koreans, and Lotte Center, a business town, Vietnam Woori Bank said it will open a branch at Lotte Mall, where Vietnamese MZ generations are constantly visiting, and announced that it will further upgrade its brand competitiveness and sales power of Vietnam Woori Bank with the opening of the Lotte Mall branch.

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