Recruitment of companies participating in 2023 Korea Sale Festa

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3 Aug 2023

Held for 20 days from November 11th to 30th...Largest Forecast Ever

The Korea Sale Festa Promotion Committee announced that it will recruit participating companies 100 days before the opening of the Korea Sale Festa (hereinafter referred to as Cosepe), the national shopping festival. The Cosefe, which marks its eighth year this year, will run for 20 days from November 11 to November 30.

The Cospe Promotion Committee is the first event to be held since the COVID-19 Endemic Declaration, and plans to create a nationwide consumption atmosphere in line with measures to revitalize national domestic demand (3.29).

To this end, the event period is extended by five more days than last year (11.1-15) and is being prepared as Korea's largest shopping festival that enjoys not only shopping but also culture under the slogan of "National Shopping Festival."

First of all, the well-known industry representative discount events held in November will overlap with or be held during the Cocefe period, which will serve as a shopping festival platform that leads the entire event.

The number of participating companies will also expand the size of the event to more than 2,400 companies, which is more than last year (2,316 companies), and support companies to focus on discount events.

※source : 'PeopleTV'

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