2023 Water Gun Festival Held in August at Seoul Cultural Reserve Base

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Water gun festival that will blow away the heat. It's been 4 years

The Water Gun Festival will be held for the first time in four years. The festival will be held at the cultural reserve base in Mapo-gu, Seoul, under the title of the 2023 Water Gun Festival for two days from August 12 to 13.

The concept of the '2023 Water Gun Festival' is 'I AM ALIVE'. It is the only festival where participants shoot water guns at each other in the city center and taste the sense of freedom in their daily lives. It will also be a festival where you can feel alive by participating in various programs in the venue.

The biggest change in this festival is that you can enjoy the water gun festival in a wider and more active space away from the street. In line with this, the organizers will present colorful water attractions and exciting DJ music poured out throughout the venue, and plan and deploy thrilling programs using water with the youth planning team.

Hayway, an urban content planning company that is the organizer and organizer, has continued to think about local and social problems together through the festival. In the past seven "Sinchon Water Gun Festival," two tons of water guns per session were recycled and reused in collaboration with social enterprises. This resulted in a virtuous cycle of about 14 tons of plastic.


※source : 'PeopleTV' https://peopletv.co.kr/2539

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