TwosomePlace Reveals '10PM Live Season 2: Eating Show Lee Moo-jin' with Peanuts

오재경 Oh Jae-Gyung
12 Sep 2023

Premium dessert cafe Twosome Place announced that it has introduced live music content "10PM Live Season 2" that enjoys the music of singer-songwriter "Imjin" and the collaboration menu of the popular cartoon "Peanuts."

Twosome Place released the second episode of "10PM Live Season 2" on September 8. "10PM Live" is a concert where artists taste Twosome Place's desserts and music together at 10 p.m. and present live songs that match them as a playlist.

In this episode, which was released to mark the beginning of autumn, singer-songwriter Lee Moo-jin, who represents the MZ generation, selected a song that matched the collaboration menu with the pure and lovely appearance of the Peanuts character and performed live. The Peanuts X Twosome Collaboration, which will be introduced this fall season, is receiving positive responses from consumers by adding cute Peanuts characters to the sweet desserts and drinks of Twosome Place under the theme of Happiness is getting together.

In this content, the audience and Lee Moo-jin sampled △ Snuppy's happiness in chocolate cakes △ Charlie Brown's banana chocolate frappe △ Peppermint patty's mint chocolate mocha. After the tasting, they communicated with the audience about their "happiness together" and enjoyed music. Lee Moo-jin colored the autumn night with his unique moist sensibility by performing live songs such as "I guess I'm getting on the fall" and "Can I have a moment?" as well as well as his representative song "Traffic Light."


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