Korean Cultural Center in Nigeria Holds Opening Ceremony of 5th Asian Film Festival

오재경 Oh Jae-Gyung
3 Dec 2023

5th Asian Film Festival Opens Successfully in Cooperation with 9 Countries

The Korean Cultural Center in Nigeria (Director Kim Chang-ki) announced that it was hosting the Asian Film Festival at the Korean Cultural Center in Abuja for five days from November 27 to December 1, and held the opening ceremony of the 5th Asian Film Festival on November 27.

The festival is the only Asian film festival in Nigeria, which was hosted by the Iranian Embassy in the host country in 2017, and the event was held in cooperation with eight Asian countries (Korea, Turkey, Iran, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines) centered on the Korean Cultural Center. 

Korean film screenings are "extreme jobs" where you can enjoy action and comedy at once, and introduced them to Nigeria, famous for Nollywood, to expand the interest of host countries and diplomatic groups in Korean films.

The opening ceremony on the 27th was attended by key figures such as Iranian Ambassador Seid Azizollah, Indian Ambassador Balasubramanian, Otunba Olusegun Rusewe, chairman of Nigeria's Culture and Arts Council, and Paul Apel, Nigerian film director, to celebrate the opening ceremony of the Asian Film Festival together.

In addition to the movie screening, cultural arts and traditional clothes from Iran, Indonesia, and Malaysia, as well as Korea, were displayed, giving more than 100 participants the opportunity to understand and share the cultures of Asian countries.

Seid Azizollah, the Iranian ambassador who participated in the day, said, "The easiest way to learn other cultures is to learn from movies," and added, "I am happy that those who attended the Asian Film Festival will be able to easily access and understand Asian culture."

"I think culture and diversity is what the world needs now," said Paul Apel, a famous Nigerian film director. "I look forward to enjoying various films from various countries and learning more about various Asian cultures."

An official from the Cultural Center said that through the Asian Film Festival, we plan to not only attract cultural cooperation between Korea and Asia in Nigeria, but also form solidarity and spread consensus between Asian countries.

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