Korea, China Discuss ways to curb illegal distribution of K-content

오재경 Oh Jae-Gyung
11 Dec 2023

Korea holds 'Korea-China Copyright Intergovernmental Conference and Forum' face-to-face in Korea for the first time in four years

MCST (Minister Yoo In-chon, hereinafter referred to as the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism) will hold "2023 Korea-China Copyright Intergovernmental Meeting and Forum" at the Seoul office of the Korean Copyright Commission on December 7th, together with the National Copyright Commission (Director of the Copyright Commission) of China. The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Korea and the National Copyright Office of China hold annual meetings and forums between the Korean and Chinese copyright governments in accordance with the Memorandum of Understanding on Copyright Exchange and Cooperation signed in 2006. In 2020 and 2021, it could not be held due to the COVID-19 situation, but it was held online in 2022, and the event will be held face-to-face for the first time in four years this year.

Marking its 15th anniversary this year, the "Korea-China Copyright Government Meeting" will share the latest trends in copyright policies between the two countries and discover cooperation tasks such as joint campaigns to raise copyright awareness. In particular, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism will introduce the "K-Content Illegal Distribution Measures" jointly announced by the pan-governmental government on July 31, focusing on the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, and will ask for an active response to the illegal distribution of K-Content during China's "Search Action." It will also look at the current status of cooperation in the copyright industry, including the signing of mutual management contracts between copyright trust management organizations in the two countries, and discuss ways to expand the copyright legal market in both countries. 

The "Korea-China Copyright Forum (12.7. Lotte Hotel)," which marks its 17th anniversary this year, examines the two countries' artificial intelligence-related copyright issues and development directions under the theme of "Korea-China copyright cooperation in a digital environment," and intensively discusses ways to cooperate between the two countries to revitalize the music industry.

In the first section, Kim Hye-chang, director of the Policy Research Division of the Korean Copyright Commission in ▴, and Zhu Caixin (朱开鑫), a researcher at the ▴ China National Copyright Bureau Network Copyright Industry Research Base, will present "Artificial Intelligence and Copyright, Recent Policy and Industrial Trends." In the second section, copyright trust management organizations in the music sector of both countries will announce "copyright cooperation measures to revitalize the music industry." On the ▴ Chinese side, Liu Ping, general secretary of the Chinese Music Copyright Association, and Yang Chi-hoo, president of Tencent Music Entertainment (杨奇虎), on the ▴ Korean side, Kim Chang-kyo, planning team leader of the Korea Music Copyright Association, and Hwang Eun-ho, planning director of the Korea Music Performers Association, will be presenters.

Meanwhile, apart from this meeting and forum between the governments of Korea and China, on December 6, the two countries also held an industry exchange meeting in the field of video and webtoon. First of all, at the "Video Exchange Conference," which marks its 13th anniversary this year, Korean broadcasting content rights holders such as Korea Broadcasting Corporation (KBS), Culture Broadcasting Corporation (MBC), and SBS, and the Chinese Online Distribution Channel (OSP) attended to examine the existing cooperation network and discuss the development of additional cooperation models. In the field of broadcasting and video contents between Korea and China, a hotline* for copyright protection of K-content in China has been established and operated by the private sector, and it is expected that the hotline will be operated more quickly and efficiently through this exchange meeting.

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