2024, K-North to enter overseas markets

오재경 Oh Jae-Gyung
25 Jan 2024

Spread Industrial Performance by Expanding Transactions Between Companies in Publishing Culture Exchange

MCST (Minister Yoo In-chon) and KPIPA (President Kim Joon-hee) will invest a total of 7.8 billion won (up 14.7% from 23 years) this year to promote K-North's entry into overseas markets and strengthen the export competitiveness of publishing companies.

As people around the world enjoy K-content in their daily lives, readers of the world have recently fallen in love with K-books. In order to accelerate this enthusiasm, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism establishes overseas expansion strategies that take into account the characteristics of each ▴n market, lays export foundations to support ▴n exporters, and supports various export support projects based on the development of ▴n export markets and customized exchanges and cooperation.

First, in line with the change in the publishing environment, the existing paper book-centered export is expanded to the secondary copyright market to expand the profit structure of publishing. As overseas interest in Korean stories such as "Squid Game" and "Parasite" increases, a publication intellectual property export consultation meeting will be held to support secondary copyright exports such as dramas, movies, and animations using publication intellectual property (IP). It plans to invite overseas buyers to Korea and support intellectual property transactions through business-to-business (B2B) export consultation and investment attraction, seminars, and consulting programs.

In addition, the "K-Story Market" will be held for the first time this year to support copyright counseling and story investment of intellectual property, which is a source of publishing, such as books and web novels, in the representative film market at home and abroad. It will increase the possibility of exporting Korean stories abroad by introducing intellectual property, which is a source of publishing, to the film and video industries. In addition, as the promotional means for introducing books become more diverse from existing documents (text) to videos, it will expand its online export market by supporting the production of digital promotional videos such as books, writers' introduction videos, and online "book talk." 

Starting this year, the company will actively support exports of web novels, which are rapidly growing as Korea's flagship contents. It will run an educational program to cultivate competent web novel writers who will be a pillar of the market in the long term in the web novel industry environment, and train new translation manpower for web novels. In particular, it will support translation of web novels for publishers and platform companies that are burdened with translation costs due to long-term serialization and vast volume of works.

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