Korea-Canada Opens "2024-2025 Year of Mutual Cultural Exchange"Signing Memorandum of Understanding

오재경 Oh Jae-Gyung
27 Jun 2024

On June 25 (local time), MCST Minister Yoo In-chon signed a memorandum of understanding with Canadian Minister of Cultural Heritage Pascale St. Onge to expand mutual cultural exchanges at the National Arts Center and celebrated the opening of the "2024-2025 Korea-Canada Intercultural Exchange Year."

The memorandum of understanding calls for the expansion of cooperation in various fields such as culture and arts, cultural heritage, creative industries, and sports to successfully promote the "2024-2025 Year of Intercultural Exchange between Korea and Canada," which was set to be designated at the bilateral summit in September 2022. Through this, Korea and Canada plan to expand exchanges and strengthen ties between the people based on "culture," laying the solid foundation for the development of bilateral relations.

After the signing of the memorandum of understanding, the opening ceremony of the "2024-2025 Korea-Canada Intercultural Exchange Year" and the opening performance "Connection" were held at the National Arts Center in Canada to promote cultural understanding between the two countries and promote various cultural exchanges. The opening ceremony was attended by ministers from both countries, including Yoo In-chon and Saint Ongju, as well as officials from various fields, including Canadian House Speaker Greg Fergus, Navy President Angus Topsy and Korean-Canadian Senator Yuna Martin.

In this concert, with more than 2,000 spectators attending, the Korean National Gugak Orchestra and singer Jang Seo-yoon, the second-place winner of the "2019 Queen Elizabeth Competition," Canadian violinist Timothy Tsui, and soprano Carol Ann Roussel performed together to embroider the night of friendship between the two countries with beautiful melodies.


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