KFPI to hold a Korean cuisine competition under the theme of 'Korea' in Thailand

오재경 Oh Jae-Gyung
10 Jul 2024

▲ Thailand Korean Cuisine Contest Group Photo

KFPI (Chairman Lim Kyung-sook) announced that in June, a Korean cuisine competition using Korean intestines (醬) was held successfully at Katsetsat University in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand.

In this event, 12 of the 80 people who participated in the three-week online preliminary round advanced to the final round and competed for cooking skills under the theme of "Secrets of K-Sauce."

In the 90-minute finals, the judges selected the winners by comprehensively evaluating the degree of use of Korean pastes, hygiene, taste, cooking process, and plating.

The top spot was beef soybean paste stew using ssamjang and soybean paste, and Sacytonwapi, which consisted of red pepper paste tteokbokki with mango kimchi and sesame oil seasoned vegetables. The second place went to Akaponnumdi, who made black tiger shrimp with soybean paste and ssamjang sauce and bibimbap croquet, and the third place went to Natta Montanadetbun, who combined Thai noodles with red pepper paste ribs and lotus root kimchi as a side dish.

In addition, it is said that a promotional video of Korean pastes was screened for more than 500 Thais, and a tasting event and giveaway event combining local vegetables and food with red pepper paste, soybean paste, soy sauce, and sesame oil were held to make the event richer.


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