KOTPA hosts 2023 D-Art Spot Series 'Cultural Space Concert'

Online Team
3 Jul 2023

Hosted by the Korean Traditional Performing Arts Foundation (KOTPA, Chairman Kim Sam-jin), the 2023 D-art Spot Series "Cultural Space Concert" will be held from July 21 to October 15 at Culture Station Seoul 284, Gyeonggi Museum of Art, and Suwon Museum of Art.

KOTPA's "The Art Spot Series" is a performance series that reveals the charm of traditional art by presenting performances that add a new sense to Korean traditional music through collaboration with other genres such as exhibitions and plays in various spaces. This year, it will perform in a cultural space famous for its hot place in collaboration with the Korea Craft & Design Foundation (Kim Seung-bae), the Gyeonggi Museum of Art (Director Ahn Mi-hee), and the Suwon Museum of Art (Director Hong Geon-pyo).

The July-August performance at Seoul 284, a cultural station that restored the old Seoul Station in 2011 and opened as a complex cultural space, will feature "Modern Gugak Project Chaoreum" that will familiarize the audience with popular music and "Music Group The Tun" that will unravel the growing cultural confrontation and conflict of the 1930s.

※source : 'PeopleTV' https://peopletv.co.kr/2541

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