"Korean Cultural City", which leads balanced regional cultural development, is prepared like this

오재경 Oh Jae-Gyung
31 Jan 2024

Se-jong City holds a joint training session for local governments to approve the plan to create a "Korean cultural city."

MCST(Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism) (Minister Yoo In-chon) will hold a joint training session for local governments (hereinafter referred to as training sessions) approved for the creation of a cultural city in Korea at 1 p.m. on January 31 at the Nurirak Theater at the Park Yeon Cultural Center in Se-jong City.

On Dec. 29 last year, MCST announced a total of 13 cities including Sejong Special Self-Governing City in Yoon Suk Yeol, Sokcho City in ▴ and Gangwon Province, Suseong-gu in ▴ Daegu, Suyeong-gu in ▴, Suncheon City in ▴ and South Jeolla Province, Andong City in ▴ and North Gyeongsang Province, Anseong City in ▴, Jeonju City in North Jeolla Province, Jindo County in ▴ and South Jeolla Province, Jinju City in ▴, Chungju City in North Chungcheong Province in ▴, Tongyeong City in South ▴ Province and Hongseong County in South ▴ and South Chungcheong Province. This training session is the first time for 120 officials from 13 cities to gather together.

In particular, Yoo In-chon organized the training session with local governments to present a new model for changing the entire city into culture, not just selecting cities. Yoo plans to ask heads of local governments in 13 cities to pay attention and cooperate for the successful promotion of Korea's cultural city.

At the training session, 13 cities will announce their plans to create a "Korean Cultural City," followed by lectures from the chairman of the Culture and City Deliberation Committee and experts. MCST will also guide consulting on the development plan. Through this, participants are expected to be able to confirm the value and direction of the "Korean Cultural City" once again. 

Minister Yoo In-chon said, "Korea's cultural city is a project that will invest a total of 260 billion won over four years (2024-2027) including the preliminary project period in 2024, up to 10 billion won in state funds and 10 billion won in local expenses per city." Starting with this training session, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism plans to take responsibility and consult until the end so that the specialized culture of the region can drastically change the entire city and become a key pillar of balanced cultural development that leads to the development of other regions beyond the region."

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