"Strawberry Festival in Bangkok" held as Nonsan Agri-Food Expo

오재경 Oh Jae-Gyung
15 Feb 2024

<Photo description> He is feeding the bride Nonsan strawberries in a traditional Korean wedding performance.

The "Strawberry Festival Bangkok" was held on the 14th at the Nonsan Agri-Food Expo (hereinafter referred to as the fair) in Siam Faragan, the center of Bangkok, Thailand and Thailand's leading tourist destination.

The event consisted of performances under the theme of meaningful cultural exchanges between Korea and Thailand and various promotional and promotional events that showcase the excellence of Nonsan agricultural products. 

The traditional Korean wedding performance of the Korean-Thai couple (Sinrang Oh Seok-cheon, bride Katya) was held to promote friendship between the two countries through the pre-ceremony event. The mayors of both Nonsan and Bangkok met as a marriage, and Park Yong-min, the ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Thailand, played the role of the wedding ceremony.

At the opening ceremony, Baek Sung-hyun, the mayor of Nonsan, said, "I ran to show the pride of Nonsan's agricultural products to tourists from all over the world," adding, "I am proud and heartbroken as the mayor of Nonsan at the thought of spreading the sweet strawberry scent of Nonsan throughout Bangkok."

"It is a great honor that Bangkok was chosen as the first city to host international events," Bangkok Mayor Chatuchat Sitipunt said. "This event is not only a festival that can attract foreign tourists, but also the beginning of a long friendship between Nonsan and Bangkok." 

After the LED touch ceremony of the main participants, performances by K-pop idols, cool ladies and Weena, and performances by Thai artists continued. 

Meanwhile, the overseas agricultural fair of Nonsan City was held during the peak season of the Siam Paragon crowd on Valentine's Day, and the number of visitors to the booth reached an estimated 35,000 in Nonsan City. The official event of the fair runs until the 16th and the promotion event runs until the 18th.

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