'I fall in love with Nonsan strawberries' with the excitement of early spring

오재경 Oh Jae-Gyung
5 Mar 2024

A great success in Bangkok, Thailand, a world-recognized nonsan strawberry same

A sweet invitation to the Nonsan World Strawberry Industry Expo in 2027, aiming for the world

Nonsan City (Mayor Baek Sung-hyeon) will hold the '2024 Nonsan Strawberry Festival' at Nonsan Citizen's Park and Civic Stadium for four days from the 21st to the 24th. The '26th Nonsan Strawberry Festival', which is held under the subtitle of 'Fall in Love with Nonsan Strawberry', is the first strawberry festival that will be held after Mayor Baek Sung-hyeon declared the Nonsan World Strawberry Industry Expo last year, so it is expected that the 'quality' will be different.

In addition to the popular strawberry festival program 'Clean Strawberry Harvest Experience', there are various programs such as the newly introduced 'Strawberry Science Kids Zone', 'Drone Racing Flying Drone Experience', and 'Strawberry Kite Flying', and citizen-participating contents such as 'Long Strawberry Rice Cake' and 'Strawberry Rice Cake Metch' are also waiting for tourists of all ages.

In particular, the helicopter boarding experience, which was well received at last year's festival, will reflect the opinions of visitors and increase the experience period from 2 days to 3 days and the number of experiences will be greatly expanded.

In addition, popular bakeries Sungsimdang and Nongshim Strawberry Banana Kick booths are already flooded with a lot of inquiries due to newly tried collaborations.

On the 21st, the first day of the festival, Taekwondo demonstrations, Nanta, etc. will start the excitement of the festival, and 7080 singers Jo Jang-hyuk, Lee Sang-eun, and Byun Jin-seop will add to the excitement of the festival through exciting celebration performances. Next, the celebration performance of the fantasy laser show and the city choir will decorate the strawberry festival eve, and the vision of the Nonsan World Strawberry Industry Expo will be celebrated.

On the 22nd of the opening ceremony, the main stage will deliver the freshness of spring buds with the '11th Nonsan Strawberry National Children's Children's Day Festival', and at 6 p.m., the opening ceremony of the Strawberry Festival will be announced with the 'Strawberry Hanbok Fashion Show' and 'Poppera Performance'. The performance of popular singers such as Park Ji-hyun and In-soon will raise the atmosphere of the opening ceremony to the fullest.

On the third day, the 23rd, the performance of the super-large robot Titan will be held, and on the main stage, it will capture the eyes and ears of the audience with rich performances such as Kim Min-sung's jazz band performance, musical gala show, and rapper Bio performance.

On the last 24 days, the final stage of the 'K-Strawberry Dance Contest' and 'K-Strawberry National Song Festival' will be held, and the closing ceremony performance will be decorated with the performance of the city choir and the stage of singers Kim Eui-young and Crying Nut.

In addition, we will welcome visitors with newly renovated food and attractions such as a special exhibition of KoRex defense companies that has been increased to 4 days, the influencer Fam Tour, the K-strawberry Global Zone where you can taste various foods from 10 countries, and the strawberry restaurant. In addition, we plan to establish a new safety management center booth and make every effort to manage the safety of the festival.


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