Nijimori Studio, a Japanese village in Korea, holds a spring flower festival called "shojo Matsuri."

오재경 Oh Jae-Gyung
19 Mar 2024

Nijimori Studio, a Japanese village located in Dongducheon, Gyeonggi Province, announced that it will hold a "shojo Matsuri" from April 27 to May 6 to mark Family Month.

Shojo Matsuri, a festival held this spring season, is a festival that raises hopes for Neko spirits among the seven spirits of rainbow fairies to only walk on flower paths in the future of girls.

During the event, which includes Children's Day, girls' events such as the Hime Contest "Girls Gather Together" are formed, and events for customers of various classes, including samurai duels, flower road marches, bubble art shows at the main square, and wish lanterns, are harmonized.

In Nijimori Studio, cherry blossoms such as mountain cherry, king cherry, and double cherry blossom bloom one after another every spring in line with the name of rainbow forest, and red apricot and western cherry blossom cover the village with pink blossoms. Events suitable for the atmosphere include a flower road march and a Hime Contest event.

At the Nijimori Studio, which was not allowed in under the age of 19, the threshold for entry was lowered a little during the "shojo Matsuri" event, allowing girls to enter.

Nizimori Studio explained that it has carried out detailed work to harmonize history and art in every corner of the studio, including props, decorations, and buildings, and welcomes visitors with the catchphrase "Meet the convergence of galleries and cultures in the entire space of Nizimori Studio, the essence of art culture."

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