'NCHIVE' Ian, Hael, Kangsan reveal individual concept photos

오재경 Oh Jae-Gyung
28 Mar 2024

Personal concept photos of rookie boy group NCHIVE have been released.

The first individual concept photos of the debut album "Drive" were released on the official SNS channel on Friday. The members who announced the start were Ian, Hael, and Kang San, who create a free yet sophisticated feel through casual hip-hop styling in white colors.

Ian, who announced his impactful appearance with his unrivaled visuals and intense eyes, is considered one of the key members to lead NCHIVE's music with his powerful vocals, attractive tone, piano performance and singer-songwriter skills.

Hael, who has a calm feeling, is expected to perform all-weather in the team with excellent choreography skills, singing skills, and excellent leadership as an NCHIVE leader and lead vocalist.

In addition, Kang San, who announced his attack on women's hearts by boasting clear features and a perfect nose, is a member with a heavy mid- to low tone that is contrary to the visuals of the beautiful boy and is the main rapper in the team. He has excellent composition and production skills, so he will continue to participate in NCHIVE's future music work and show his musical competence.

Boy group NCHIVE means to synthesize 'N', which means unknown, and 'Archive', which means storage, to capture a variety of musical spectra and store happy memories and memories with music fans.

The debut album 'Drive' will be released at noon on April 9th.


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