In Sao Paulo, 7,000 K-pop audiences gathered for two days... 1.5-year-olds in Korea plan to join forces

오재경 Oh Jae-Gyung
9 Apr 2024

The first K-pop event organized by 1.5-year-olds in Brazil attracted 7,000 paid audiences for two days. The event was held at a concert hall in downtown Sao Paulo on the 6th and 7th.

The event, which was organized by renting both the indoor concert hall and the exhibition space of the building right next to it, attracted numerous K-pop fans from all over the country to visit the venue for two days.

Choi Yoon-jae (35), CEO of "Dokkaebi", who organized the event, opened a Korean hot dog restaurant "Dokkaebi" in the Bonghechiro area of the Korean town of Sao Paulo six years ago, and is thriving in the Liberdaji area.

Another organizer, Lee Jung-ki (34), founded a company called "The Next Level" three years ago and has regularly held dance party events for K-pop fans.

"I've been participating in various events in Korea and Japan over the past five years, and I wanted to hold such an event in person at least once," Choi said.

Even though it was the first event, 4,000 people gathered on the first day, causing the prepared food to be quickly sold out, he said. "I prepared enough food today using yesterday's experience as a lesson."

After introducing the existing food sales method for the first time at the event, CEO Choi said, "The response was unexpectedly good." In fact, in a space decorated like a Korean convenience store, the company adopted a method of selecting and paying various products and foods according to their tastes through cooperation with famous local bakery companies, Asian supermarkets, and various Korean companies, showing a fast turnover.

The event was sold at 65 reais per person when purchasing 45 reais of tickets for two days on the first day, but if the net admission fee is converted into sales, 4,000 people X 65 reais will amount to 260,000 reais (KRW 70 million) of income collected only from ticket sales.

The irony is that the main characters performing in indoor venues on this day are not famous Korean idols, but K-pop cover dance teams who have been active in Brazil for a long time and have small fandom.

On this day, 20 domestic K-pop cover dance teams and 12 solo teams from Brazil participated in the concert hall, and the high-quality competition that has not been easily seen so far was reminiscent of the "King of Kings."

From 2 p.m. on the second day of the event, an unusual event called "Dokkaabi" Hot Dog was also held to attract attention.

In the event of selecting seven participants from the field and selecting participants who quickly eat four hot dogs within three minutes, Enhiki (male. 24), a participant from Hio residence, won the title by eating four hot dogs in 2 minutes and 29 seconds.

The winner was presented with a coupon to eat hot dogs for a year, one per day, on the stage by CEO Choi of "Tokkaabi."

The winner, Enhiki, could not hide the joy of winning the championship, saying, "I think my experience of enjoying hot dogs as well as Korean food has led me to win today."

In the vicinity of the food court next to the indoor concert hall, members of Korean K-pop fan clubs such as Black Pink and Straight Kids raised their promotional enthusiasm for existing fans or those who showed interest.

Also, in the booth called Drama Land, he was happy to take pictures next to the body of his favorite characters in the drama.

In addition, a workshop to learn K-pop choreography on the spot was also held, and on the other hand, a large number of people gathered at each booth selling albums and accessories related to Korean idols.

If there is anything to pay attention to through this event, it is expected to be an important indicator for Korean Wave-related businesses in the future as it will serve as an opportunity to prepare new measures for the growth and scale of the Korean Wave, which has not been estimated so far.

"We plan to hold this event at least twice a year, and the next event is scheduled for October this year," said Choi, CEO of "Dokkaebi." "We are planning to gradually expand the host area and hold it in Hio or other cities," he said. "We have been receiving inquiries about franchisees recently, but we plan to start our franchise business in earnest from next year."

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