2,641 Foreigners Inform the World of Korean Culture

오재경 Oh Jae-Gyung
30 Apr 2024

MCST Holds 'Foreign Korean Culture Promotion Activists' Launch Ceremony'

2,641 foreign Korean culture promoters who will promote Korea to countries around the world will receive letters of appointment and start full-fledged activities.

MCST (Minister Yoo In-chon) will hold the "2024 Opening Ceremony for Foreign Korean Culture Promotion Activists" at the Korea Creative Content Agency's CKL Stage at 2 p.m. on April 30. Minister Yoo In-chon will attend the opening ceremony to encourage the promotional activists.

MCST publicly selected a total of 2,641 foreign Korean culture activists, including 1,387 from 93 countries of the 14th Korea Net Honorary Press Corps and 1,254 from 97 countries of the 5th K-influencer, from foreigners living at home and abroad. For the next year, public relations activists will play a role in promoting Korea to the world by producing news related to Korea in their native language from the perspective of foreigners.

The opening ceremony will be held under the theme of "K-Voyage Begins!" to announce the journey of public relations activists to explore Korean culture. More than 100 public relations activists in Korea will be on site, and other public relations activists from around the world will share the beginning of their activities through online video conferencing. In particular, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism broadcasts the opening ceremony live on the Korea Net YouTube channel so that people around the world can celebrate the strong start of public relations activists.

Paranaxadat Solat, an Iranian who was selected as an honorary reporter this year, is studying artificial intelligence software in Korea. He expressed his desire to write an article introducing various historical sites as he came to study abroad after being fascinated by Korean history, including the ruling dynasty.

Alberto Boutill, a Spanish influencer, is a teacher who teaches Korean to foreigners in Korea. He expressed his desire to create video content that covers not only K-pop but also Korea-related contents such as tourism, politics and history from a realistic point of view.

Minister Yoo In-chon said, "You are a valuable friend of Korea who actively promotes Korea's charm around the world and forms a large-scale Korean Wave network," adding, "I hope that Korea and other countries around the world will continue to communicate through culture and develop understanding and friendship."


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