Suncheon City signs a business agreement with Kenaz, a Korean webtoon company, and Ono, a French content company

오재경 Oh Jae-Gyung
12 Jun 2024

Suncheon City (Mayor Noh Kwan-kyu) signed a business agreement with Kenaz, a leading Korean webtoon company, and Ono, a French content company, in Annecy, France on the 11th (local time).

This agreement fosters global webtoon talents and develops competitive IPs together to promote global webtoon contents

Ono Korea is a joint venture established in France last year by Ono, a subsidiary of French media content group MPP, and Kenaz, which has 458 webtoon artists and more than 250 IPs (intellectual property rights).

According to the agreement, "Ono" plans to actively support the creation of webtoon campuses in Suncheon, exchanges of domestic and foreign webtoon personnel, and develop joint IPs between Korea and France, and to carry out various cooperation projects with Suncheon City using global networks such as the Angouleme Webtoon Academy in France, which will be promoted from this year.

Lee Woo-jae, CEO of Kenaz, who attended the signing ceremony, said, "The biggest reason for establishing a joint venture in Suncheon was the writers' choice," adding, "The intensity of work of webtoon writers is considerable, and when some 450 Kenaz artists visited Suncheon, they were fascinated by the excellent natural environment and space to focus on work from Seoul."

He then said, "We are preparing to move the webtoon production bases that Kenaz has to Suncheon," and added, "I want to build a global webtoon academy campus by gathering young writers from all over the world who want to learn webtoons to Suncheon." 

"This agreement is the cornerstone of building a bridge between Suncheon and France," said Iparas Ono, CEO of Ainara. "We will actively share the vision and expertise of the two regions, and we will strive for mutual development by supporting the discovery of excellent talent in the region, led by Ono Korea, which will be established in Suncheon."

Mayor Roh responded, "Our efforts to attract companies are important, but it is very meaningful that Suncheon has been selected as the city where we want to work the most out of all cities in the country by writers and officials in the content sector, including webtoons."

He also said, "Even if students in our region do not go to the metropolitan area, there is a good place to work for a global company and show their talents on the global stage based on Suncheon," adding, "We will create conditions with the government so that we can stay in Suncheon and create new energy." 

Soonchun-si's group then visited the 'Animation Film Market (MIFA)', which will be held during the Annecy Animation Festival.

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