Opening of the 13th Jeju Water World Forum

오재경 Oh Jae-Gyung
20 Sep 2023

Jeju Samdasoo unveils CR-PET with domestic ingredients for the first time in Korea

Photo description: ▲ Baek Kyung-hoon, president of Jeju Development Corporation, gives an opening speech at the 13th Jeju Water World Forum held at Tamna Hall in Jeju International Convention Center (ICC Jeju).

The 13th Jeju Water World Forum opened on the 19th at the Jeju International Convention Center (ICC Jeju) for efforts to preserve groundwater in the future in Jeju in a rapidly changing environment.

The 13th Jeju Water World Forum is an international forum specializing in groundwater co-hosted by Jeju Special Self-Governing Province, Jeju Development Corporation, and Jeju Research Institute and organized by Jeju Development Corporation, which will run until the 20th under the theme of "Efforts of Change, New Future of Groundwater."

At the opening ceremony on the 19th, Baek Kyung-hoon, president of Jeju Development Corporation, welcomed Yang Deok-soon, president of Jeju Research Institute, Song Chang-kwon, chairman of the Jeju Provincial Council's Environmental City Committee, and Kim Hyung-soo, chairman of the Korea Underground Soil Environment Institute.

Yoon Sung-taek, a professor at Korea University, opened the 13th Jeju Water World Forum under the theme of "The Importance and Current Tasks of Groundwater in Response to Global Environmental Change." Experts and scholars at home and abroad, including Kristof Vandenberghe, chief of the UNESCO World Geopark Secretariat Earth Science and Geopark, and Masatoshi Kawasaki, a senior researcher at Santori Global Innovation, announced measures to preserve the value of groundwater and sustainability of drinking spring water.

In particular, Jeju Samdasoo unveiled its first "Bottle to CR-Samdasoo" product with de-polymerization localization materials through the Jeju Water World Forum. Bottle to CR-Samdasoo is a recycled PET product made through chemical decomposition of waste pet bottles collected from Jeju Island, and is the first CR-PET (chemical recycled PET) made using PET collected in Korea.


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