PUAC Holds 2023 Global Unification Dialogue for International Academic Conference

오재경 Oh Jae-Gyung
20 Nov 2023

Exploring internal and external strategies to strengthen the foundation for promoting the 'Bold Initiative' 

PUAC(The Peaceful Unification Advisory Council, Senior Vice Chairman Kim Kwan-yong), a constitutional advisory body under the direct control of the president, will hold the 2023 Global Dialogue on Korean Peninsula Unification under the theme of International Cooperation for the Realization of Freedom, Peace, and Prosperity on the Korean Peninsula at the Walkerhill Hotel in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul, from November 23 to 24. 

The 2023 Global Unification Dialogue will examine our unification environment and discuss international cooperation measures for North Korea's denuclearization, freedom, peace, and prosperity on the Korean Peninsula amid the continued security instability on the Korean Peninsula due to North Korea's increasing nuclear threats, the prolonged war in Ukraine, and the recent Israeli-Hamas crisis.

On November 23, domestic and foreign experts will discuss various topics such as green détente on the Korean Peninsula, unification public diplomacy, unification future plans, and the situation in North Korea behind closed doors, and on November 24, top experts from Korea and abroad, including Patrick Cronin (US), Richard Rijshen (Taiwan), Georgi Toloraya (Russia), and Endo Ken (Japan), will participate in a public session to discuss ways to cooperate internationally for the realization of freedom, peace and prosperity on the Korean Peninsula.

Starting with the opening ceremony, the November 24 event will be held in three sessions (△Korean Peninsula of Freedom, Peace, and Prosperity: Vision and Strategy, △ Democracy and Freedom and North Korean Human Rights, △ Indo-Pacific Strategy and the Future of the Korean Peninsula). 

Starting with the opening speech of PUAC Senior Vice Chairman Kim Kwan-yong, the opening ceremony will be followed by a welcoming speech by Sung Ki-hong, CEO of Yonhap News, and a congratulatory speech by Unification Minister Kim Young-ho, and Hyun In-taek, CEO of the Korea Defense and Security Forum (former Minister of Unification), will deliver the keynote speech.

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