OKOCC will hold an invitation training for Korean language teachers in CIS

오재경 Oh Jae-Gyung
5 Dec 2023

Customized Korean, Korean teaching methods, and Korean history and culture experiences for five weeks from the 4th

Participation of 25 Korean teachers and others is expected to strengthen their capabilities as Korean language educators and promote self-esteem

OKOCC(Overseas KOreans Cooperation Center) (Center Director Kim Young-geun) announced that it will hold an "invitation training for Korean language teachers in the CIS region" at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies for five weeks from December 4 to January 9, 2024.

Twenty-five Korean language teachers from four countries, Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Belarus, will participate in the training as part of the next-generation national educators and Korean language teacher capacity building project following the generational change of the Korean community.

Participants will participate in divided classes by Korean language ability through pre-diagnosis evaluation, and will have customized classes and practice sessions for each level to strengthen their capabilities as Korean language teachers, such as listening, reading, writing, and speaking.

In particular, this year, it will be held in a combination of four weeks of online training and one week of invited training. In the online training, a Korean Speech Contest will be held, and in the first visit to the home country in four years after COVID-19, programs to feel the roots and identity of the Korean people will be held through visits to Korean history and cultural sites such as the Blue House and the Hangeul Museum and lectures on the history of Koreans residing abroad.

"Korean language teachers in the CIS region are great heroes and defenders of the Korean language who cultivate talents who will lead the future of the Korean community and spread the Korean language and culture to future generations," said Kim Young-geun, head of the center. "We hope that this training will help Korean language teachers establish their identity as Korean people in addition to professional teaching methods, and that the Korean society, which has a 160-year history of migration, will become a treasure trove of global talent development."

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