KOPIA Laos Center seeks to improve agricultural productivity and increase farm income

오재경 Oh Jae-Gyung
12 Dec 2023

2023 cooperation project year-end evaluation held

The Laos KOPIA (Korea Project on International Agriculture)  Center (Director Shin Chang-ho) held an end-of-year evaluation meeting for five agricultural cooperation projects with the Laos Agricultural Research Agency on December 7 at the S Boutique Hotel conference room in Bang Vieng, Laos, attended by 50 project managers and evaluators.

At the evaluation meeting, each cooperative project manager announced the results of the project over the past year and plans after the project's end, and a 10-member evaluation committee, including agricultural experts and related officials in Laos, evaluated the effectiveness, appropriateness, efficiency and sustainability of each project.

The five cooperative projects include the supply of rice climate-adapted varieties, the development of capillaries processing technology, and the development of new chicken species, which the Laos Agricultural Research and Extension Services requested for technical support from the Korea Rural Development Administration. It is a rice production package project and a citrus productivity demonstration project, and is being carried out in three to five years for each project.

Shin Chang-ho, director of the KOPIA Center in Laos, said, "The five cooperative projects have achieved their original business goals without difficulty. With the introduction of Korea's excellent agricultural technology in Laos, it will not only improve agricultural productivity in Laos, but also increase the income of farmers and contribute to food security in Laos."

He also explained the future direction of the project, saying, "From next year, two new projects will be implemented, including the development of new rice species and the production of chives seeds."

The event attracted high interest at home and abroad as a number of local media outlets, including Laos state TV, Vientiane Times, Vientiane Mai, and Korean media such as News K, People TV, and My Korea, published in neighboring Thailand.

Meanwhile, the Overseas Agricultural Technology Development Project (KOPIA) is a part of the Rural Development Administration's project that contributes to the development of agricultural technologies in developing countries by establishing a KOPIA center in developing countries and dispatching agricultural technology experts to develop, demonstrate, and disseminate customized agricultural technologies for each country.

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