OKA President Lee Ki-chul Visits Thailand

오재경 Oh Jae-Gyung
26 Jan 2024

Following his visit to the Philippines, Commissioner Lee Ki-chul visited Bangkok, Thailand, from January 24 to 26 to hold meetings with various compatriots, including the Korean Association for Repatriation, OKTA Bangkok Branch, and Korean language school teachers. 

Commissioner Lee Ki-chul began his visit to Thailand with a meeting with teachers of Korean schools and Korean schools in Thailand (participation of executives of OKTA Bangkok Branch). 

Director Lee Ki-chul emphasized that it is very effective to educate the next generation of Koreans on Korea's political and economic development to achieve the core goals of the overseas Koreans policy of "cultivating their identity as next-generation Koreans overseas" and "improving their status in their country of residence," and urged teachers and influential Koreans to actively participate.

Participating teachers and compatriots deeply sympathized with this, while supporting Korean language education for parents of multicultural families, identity education for multicultural children, providing educational contents for Korean schools suitable for each country's development, and holding lectures. 

At the compatriots' meeting, they explained overseas Korean policies, such as the significance of the launch of the Overseas Koreans' Office and the '100-day roadmap for the launch of the Overseas Koreans' Office', and listened to the suggestions of the Filipino Korean community. 

Director Lee Ki-chul explained major overseas Korean policies such as improving domestic awareness of overseas Koreans through foreign textbooks, domestic textbooks on overseas Koreans, supporting overseas Koreans, atomic bombing, caring for underprivileged Koreans such as Koreans, Sakhalin, and multicultural Koreans.

Thai compatriots proposed supporting the construction of the Korean Center, supporting Koreans' activities in textbooks for the development of Korea, supporting the next generation of Koreans studying in Korea, supporting the next generation's participation in Korean society, and revising the election law to expand participation in overseas elections. 

Director Lee Ki-chul urged overseas Koreans to actively participate in the 22nd National Assembly overseas election at each opportunity, including a meeting when visiting Thailand.

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