OKA Commissioner Lee Ki-chul Visits the People's Livelihood of Korean Residents in Korea

오재경 Oh Jae-Gyung
30 Jan 2024

After checking the status of Koreans living in Hamburger Village in Incheon, we listen to their opinions... "Please promote the rights and interests." 

OKA President Lee Ki-chul visited the people's livelihood site of Koreans in Hamburg Village in Yeonsu-gu, Incheon, on Jan. 30. 

The visit was designed to establish policies that can directly communicate with Korean compatriots and provide practical help by listening to various opinions. 

Commissioner Lee held a meeting with members of the Korean Association to check the current status of the Korean-American community in Korea and listen to their interests. 

The Korean Association of Koreans requested that the Overseas Koreans be actively interested in improving the domestic awareness of Koreans and enhancing the rights and interests of Koreans, such as supporting Korean language education.

During his visit, Lee explained major overseas Korean policies, including a project to include Korea's political and economic development in foreign textbooks and a project to improve domestic awareness of overseas Koreans through domestic textbooks on their contributions and contributions to Korea.

"OKA will actively promote the project to take care of underprivileged compatriots," he said, "and we will also establish customized policies for Korean compatriots." 

In addition, he explained that he will actively consider ways to support Korean language education, such as strengthening the capabilities of Korean language teachers, so that Korean compatriots do not have difficulty communicating in Korean.

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