World-OKTA publishes webzine for the first time

오재경 Oh Jae-Gyung
1 Feb 2024

A communication platform for promoting communication among members, institutions, and domestic companies

World-OKTA (Chairman Park Jong-beom), the largest economic organization of 7.5 million overseas Koreans, published the first issue of Webzine.

The webzine published this time is the first step by Chairman Park Jong-beom, who was elected as the 22nd World-OKTA chairman, to implement his pledge for close communication and cooperation with domestic and foreign related organizations and small and medium-sized Korean export-oriented companies. 

The cover story of the first issue, which consists of a total of eight sections, was published by Chairman Park Jong-beom under the theme of "A Classy World-OKTA in Preparation for the Great 100 Years."

The webzine is a comprehensive magazine that includes not only economy, trade but also culture and art, and the Octa View section is a special interview to mark the 120th anniversary of the immigration of the Korean people, which met with Lee Eun-ji, producer of YTN radio, and Park Jeong-rye, broadcasting writer, and discussed the opportunity to produce and broadcast the documentary "Dishonest Document." In addition, a travel writer Park Jae-seo wrote, "My Choco Pie tastes like tears" about his father's life.

OKTA Music was the first in Korea to feature an interview with a Philharmonic artist, which was made up of members of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra and Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra.

The OKTA Trip section introduced four keywords for various attractions of "Singapore, a multi-ethnic country where finance and trade are combined," as an introduction to major travel destinations around the world, and the Octa Book dealt with Choi Young-il's book review of "The Power of Wealth-Building Experience."

In addition, OKTA Zoom introduced the World-OKTA branch event, the chairman's sympathy, and the 22nd new executive branch.

Chairman Park Jong-beom said, "We will make it a high-quality webzine containing various and useful information, not just to promote the association," adding, "We will establish it as a communication channel for World Octa, which not only communicates with members but also interacts with foreign institutions and small and medium-sized enterprises in our home country through World-OKTA webzine."


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