Korea loses 0-2 to Jordan in the semifinals, leaving Koreans who were expecting a surprise special in tears.

오재경 Oh Jae-Gyung
8 Feb 2024

As the South Korean national soccer team lost 0-2 to Jordan in the 2023 Asian Cup semifinals at noon on the 6th (Tuesday), the expression of Korean owners who belatedly expected to be special in the Asian Cup was dark.

Earlier, the South Korean national soccer team in the quarterfinals and semifinals gave Korean soccer fans an unforgettable joy of victory by tying Saudi Arabia and Australia in the second half of extra time, turning the tables, and penalty kicks, respectively, raising expectations for winning the tournament.

Due to its sudden popularity, some Korean business owners in Bonghezziro, a Korean town in Sao Paulo, gathered one by one in the semifinal match before the start of the game, and just before the start of the second half, all the store tables were filled with customers, realizing the special Asian Cup.

However, for a while, the Korean owner expressed regret, saying, "We recorded sales that were so noticeable that we filled all the table at our usual free lunch time... Even if we had advanced to the final today, more customers would have visited the final than today."

Korean soccer fans, who were watching the broadcast on this day, did not leave their seats until the final whistle and eagerly expected an equalizer fllowing the chasing goal, but in the end, everyone was disappointed with their helpless performance and the outcome of the match.

Brazil/Korea Today


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