The World Korean Trade Association holds a launching ceremony for the Korea-Russia Economic Forum Committee in Moscow

오재경 Oh Jae-Gyung
29 Feb 2024

Conducting comprehensive plans including economic cooperation by holding it twice a year

World Octa The Korea-Russia Economic Forum Committee is holding a launching ceremony and taking commemorative photos. (Courtesy of World Octa)

The World Korean International Trade Association (Chairman Park Jong-beom, hereinafter referred to as 'World Octa') held a launching ceremony for the Korea-Russia Economic Forum Committee at the GBC of the Small and Medium Venture Business Promotion Corporation in Moscow, Russia, on the 28th.

The Korea-Russia Economic Forum Committee, newly launched by the 22nd World Octa executive branch, will carry out various cooperation measures over the next two years, including economic cooperation between Korea and Russia and overseas expansion of domestic SMEs.

The opening ceremony was successful with a total of 20 people attending, including World Okta Chairman Park Jong-beom, Russian Ambassador Lee Do-hoon, Director Lee Seong-im of the Small and Medium Venture Business Promotion Corporation, Director Lee Hee-chan of Korea Development Bank, Chairman Shin Kwang-hee of the Korea-Russia Economic Forum, members of the three World Okta Russian branches (Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Vladivostok) and honorary members composed of related organizations and local experts.

Russian Ambassador Lee Do-hoon promised the embassy's active cooperation and support for the Korea-Russia Economic Forum to be held by World Octa in the future and shared opinions on major Russian economic issues and difficulties related to market development by local businessmen.

"Please make organic efforts for Korea-Russia economic cooperation in the future through economic forums to derive cooperation at the private level," World Octa Chairman Park Jong-beom said. "In particular, please play a leading role in cooperation in trade, finance, science and technology, as well as the development of World Octa members, as well as overseas expansion of domestic SMEs."

Shin Kwang-hee, chairman of the Korea-Russia Economic Forum, said, "The Korea-Russia Economic Forum will create an opportunity to derive practical economic cooperation between Korea and Russia, not just holding events." 

A meeting of the Moscow branch of World Okta was also held during the event. Chairman Park Jong-beom encouraged members including Lee Min-soo, chairman of the branch, and called for participation in various projects and active activities of members at the World Okta headquarters to revitalize the small branch. 

In particular, the Moscow branch said it expects the branch to play a big role in fostering the next generation of Koreans in Russia and promoting cooperation with domestic companies through the expansion of participation of Korean compatriots. 

The Moscow branch has about 30 active members and is seeking to enter various areas of economic cooperation under the leadership of Lee Min-soo, the second president of the branch.

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