OKA visits Beijing's people's livelihood sites and meetings with compatriots...Introduce policy directions and listen to difficulties

오재경 Oh Jae-Gyung
9 May 2024

OKA Commissioner Lee Ki-chul visited Beijing, China, a major resident country of overseas Koreans (2.11 million, the second-largest resident country), from May 7th to 9th, toured Korean companies and Korean-American towns, held a meeting, listened to the voices of local compatriots, and shared opinions on how to develop the Korean-American community and the homeland together.

Director Lee held the 47th Steering Committee meeting of the World Korean Business Conference at the Grand Metro Park Hotel on the 8th to check the preparations for the "2024 World Korean Business Conference" to be held in Jeollabuk-do and Jeonju in October, and also discussed plans to promote the "2025 World Korean Business Conference" scheduled to be held in China next year.

The meeting was attended by more than 40 overseas Korean businessmen from around the world, including Chairman Lee, North Jeolla Province Governor Kim Kwan-young, World Business Conference President Kim Woo-jae 2024, World-OKTA President Park Jong-beom, President Lee Kyung-chul of the American Federation of Korean Commerce and Industry, Chairman Kwon Soon-ki of the China Aju Economic Development Association, Senior Vice Chairman of the Korean Chamber of Commerce in China Lee Joon-yong, and Chairman Kim Jeom-bae of the African Middle East Korean Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

OKA, the organizer of the competition, and Jeollabuk-do, the host local government, announced plans to operate the competition, including the program, the installation and operation of competition facilities, management of companies and general participants, and public relations, and the steering committee members shared opinions on complementary preparations.

In addition, OKA also held a briefing session on the "Overseas Koreans Business Advisory Group" (OK Biz) project to provide appropriate incentives by finding overseas Korean businessmen who will introduce domestic SMEs to overseas expansion, export or investment counseling, and other foreign companies.

Since entering China in 1995, Lee visited Orion's Chinese subsidiary, which currently has annual sales of about 1.2 trillion won, to encourage businessmen and listen to the current status of their business.

He then visited a Korean mart in Wangjing Korea Town, where many Koreans live, and listened to the difficulties of Korean small business owners while purchasing food in person.

Director Lee also held a dinner meeting with representatives from Tianjin, Hebei, and Shaanxi provinces as well as Beijing.


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