South Chungcheong Province operates a K-pop performance and public relations center at the Yokohama Korea-Japan Exchange Festival in Japan

오재경 Oh Jae-Gyung
16 May 2024

South Chungcheong Province conveys the charm of K culture and tourism in South Chungcheong Province through the Korea-Japan exchange event held in Japan.

The province announced on the 16th that it will participate in the "2024 Yokohama Korea-Japan Exchange Festival" held at Jonohana Park in Yokohama, Japan, from the 18th to the 19th, hold a K-pop performance, and run a tourism promotion booth in Chungnam.

Hosted by the Yokohama Nikkan Niigiyai Matsuri Executive Committee and sponsored by Yokohama City, more than 20,000 people, including local citizens, politicians, and Koreans in Japan, are expected to attend the festival.

The event will be held in the order of K-pop concerts and choruses, traditional Korean music, talk shows, and K-beauty shows, and there will also be exhibitions, experiences, and sales booths for Korean local governments, including Chungnam, and Korean companies.

At the request of the Korean Consulate General in Yokohama, K-pop High School located in Gwangcheon, Hongseong, will participate in the K-pop concert to decorate the stage splendidly.

K-Pago students will perform songs and dances by famous Korean idol groups such as Le Seraphim and Girls' Generation, and sing "Blue Light Yokohama" with the Tsudanuma Prefectural High School Choir in Japan to provide a stage of harmony.

The province also plans to promote the "2025-2026 Year of Visit to Chungnam" through the Chungnam Tourism Promotion Booth and introduce famous tourist destinations, tourism products, food and local specialties to locals.

Song Moo-kyung, director of the Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau of the province, said, "We can once again promote the attractiveness of tourism in Chungnam through the Chungnam Tourism Promotion Booth at the Korea-Japan Cultural Exchange Festival, and we can also expect to promote next-generation cultural exchanges between Korea and Japan through K-pop through K-pop student performances."

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