OKA Opens 'Korea Understanding Course' Invited to Young Koreans and Youths to Migrate to Russia...It's part of "Taking care of overseas Koreans."

오재경 Oh Jae-Gyung
20 May 2024

OKA (Director Lee Ki-chul) will open a "Korea Understanding Course" where young Koreans and teenagers living in the Russian-Independent Union (CIS) region can visit Korea to learn Korean and experience Korean culture.

As part of a project to commemorate the 160th anniversary of Koreans moving to Russia and the care of overseas Koreans, it plans to operate the course for 35 young Koreans and teenagers from Korea for a month from July 22.

Koreans aged 15 to 30 who graduated from middle school or higher in Russia and the CIS region can download documents such as applications for participation from the OKA website (www.oka.go.kr ) by May 29 and apply by e-mail (asru@korea.kr ).

Successful candidates will receive full support for education, accommodation, and traveler's insurance premiums required during the training period, and 70% of the airfare purchased for the purpose of participating in the curriculum can be provided with a limit of 1.3 million won.

Young people and youths who have won awards related to the field of study and activities, or who have basic Korean proficiency can be given preferential treatment when selselecting.

Even in winter ('24.12.16~'25.1.17)', OKA plans to operate the 'Korea Understanding Course' for multicultural family compatriots, descendants of Koreans affected by atomic bombing, and descendants of the dispatched ministries.

Participants in this course will have time to vividly learn Korean, Korean culture, history, and the development of Korea through Korean language lectures by level and various field experiences.


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