OKOCC selects new invited students for overseas Koreans to foster and attract outstanding talent

오재경 Oh Jae-Gyung
19 Jun 2024

100 people from 21 countries...Monthly living expenses, initial expenses, airfare, etc

▲ 2023 Selection Invitation Student Scholarship Certificate Award Ceremony

OKOCC (Center Director Kim Young-geun), a public institution under OKA, selected 10 powerful students (30 bachelor's and 70 master's and doctoral degrees) from 21 foreign countries. 

OKOCC has been implementing the 'External Korean Invitation Scholarship Project' since 1997 with the aim of cultivating global talents who will contribute to the development of the Korean community and the Republic of Korea. 

This year, the number of master's and doctoral selections was expanded to foster outstanding professional talent in each field, and the proportion of Korean students from Russia and the CIS region, which marks the 160th anniversary of the migration of Koreans, was also increased.  

Selected scholarship students will be paid living expenses (950,000 won per month), airfare for entry and return, first-time expenses, and insurance premiums, and will have the opportunity to participate in various exchange activities such as regional meetings, mentoring seniors and juniors, volunteer activities, and historical, cultural, and development experiences. 

Kim Young-geun, head of OKOCC, said, "The invited students of overseas Koreans are excellent human resources who will contribute to the development of the Republic of Korea as well as the local residential country and the Korean community, and serve as a bridge between Korea and residential countries. 


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