South Chungcheong Province Governor Kim Tae-heum re-elected co-chair of the Under2 Alliance for Asia-Pacific Region

오재경 Oh Jae-Gyung
27 Jun 2024

▲Chungnam Governor Kim Tae-heum who attended the local government climate action summit held last year

The world once again recognized the "carbon neutral global leadership" of Chungnam, Korea's special carbon neutral economy.

The province announced on the 27th that Governor Kim Tae-heum was re-elected as co-chair of the Asia-Pacific region between 2024 and 2026.

The Under2 Coalition is an international organization that responds to the climate crisis, and 193 central and local governments from 44 countries around the world have joined and are active.

The co-chairperson shall be divided into four regions for each continent: Asia-Pacific, the Americas, Europe, and Africa, and shall serve a term of office of two years.

The co-chair began to be newly formed in April as the term of the co-chair from 2022-2024 ended this month.

Last month, the province submitted a letter of intent to participate in the chairman's election based on Governor Kim's activities as co-chair of the Asia-Pacific region, and the Under2 Union Secretariat confirmed the co-chairs of the four continents after collecting member opinions and voting for the operating organization, the top decision-making body.

The co-chairs who will lead the Under 2 Union with Governor Kim are △European John Sweeney, UK First Minister of Scotland (Chief Executive) △America Mauricio Curie Gonzalez, Governor of Mexico's Kereta State △Africa's Alan Wind, Prime Minister of the Western Cape State of South Africa.

Governor Kim's re-election is because he has been recognized for his contribution to the spread of global climate action by leading Korea's carbon neutrality over the past two years.

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