OKA Cooperation with Incheon Veterans Hospital to Support Medical Aid for Overseas Koreans

오재경 Oh Jae-Gyung
28 Jun 2024

OKA (Director Lee Ki-chul) joined hands with Incheon Veterans Hospital (Hospital Director Kim Chun-dong) to cooperate in medical support for overseas Koreans and to establish a stable settlement of overseas Koreans entering Korea.

The two institutions signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) at the OKA headquarters in Songdo, Incheon, on the 28th, attended by Director Lee Ki-chul and Hospital Director Kim Choon-dong. 

Under the MOU, the two organizations agreed to cooperate to stabilize the settlement of overseas Koreans, including historical special Koreans such as Koreans and Sakhalin Koreans residing in Incheon, and to expand medical support.

Lee and Kim agreed on the need for mutual cooperation between the two institutions to strengthen medical service support for overseas Koreans living in the Incheon area so that overseas Koreans who want to enter and settle in Korea can receive practical help.

In the future, the two institutions plan to cooperate in social contribution activities such as △ cooperation for medical support of vulnerable overseas Koreans residing in Korea △ cooperation in domestic and foreign medical care for overseas Koreans, including descendants of Russian and CIS regional independence activists △ expansion of the publicity of veterans' medical care by discovering unmet veterans' medical targets among overseas Koreans △ expansion of visiting medical services to strengthen public medical care for overseas Koreans residing in Incheon.

OKA will continue to make efforts to provide practical medical services that are particularly helpful to vulnerable overseas Koreans, especially in the situation where the number of Koreans staying in Korea is increasing, such as the number of foreign nationals in Korea and the return of elderly Koreans to their motherland. 


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