Candidate Ko Sang-gu confirmed as WAKA's 2nd Chairman

오재경 Oh Jae-Gyung
3 Jul 2024

As current Chairman Shim Sang-man's three-year term expires on October 5, WAKA formed an election management committee (Chairman Kim Je-bae, member Song Paul, member Kim Gu-hwan) and started the election process to elect the second chairman, announced the election on May 2, and received candidate registration from May 3 to June 10, and two preliminary candidates (Ko Sang-gu, former chairman of the Vietnamese Federation of Korean Associations, Yoo Je-heon, former chairman of the European Federation of Korean Associations) applied.

The WAKA NEC decided that both candidates were suitable as a result of qualification screening for the same people, and notified the two candidates that the deposit would be paid by July 2 to confirm the candidate on June 24. Candidate Ko Sang-gu paid the deposit and candidate Yoo Je-heon resigned (see attached 'Resignation Side') and confirmed Ko as the final candidate for registration.

The future schedule will be from July 4 to August 19 through the candidate's campaign, and the elected person will be elected through a vote on the same person at the Sehan General Assembly's board of directors on August 20, and the elected person will be confirmed as the next chairman after approval by the general meeting.

WAKA is an organization representing the Korean Association around the world, and its members are Korean presidents, and was established in October 2021 with the aim of contributing to the development of the Korean community by promoting the improvement of the status of Koreans around the world and expanding various cooperation activities with their home countries.

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