Lee Ki-cheol, head of OKA, listens to the voices of the Korean community in the Philippines in the livelihood field

오재경 Oh Jae-Gyung
24 Jan 2024

Visit Koreatown to Find a Way to Revitalize… Explain the Overseas Koreans' Policy at the Korean Residents' Meeting and Listen to Difficulties

OKA Commissioner Lee Ki-chul visited Manila, the Philippines, from January 22 to 23 and visited Manila's people's livelihood sites such as Koreatown.

In addition, they held a meeting with compatriots and teachers at Hangeul schools to explain the policies of overseas Koreans and listen to the opinions of the Korean community.

On the 23rd, Commissioner Lee started a people's livelihood tour, starting with a tribute to a monument to the Korean War at the Philippine Hero Cemetery. 

He then visited Koreatown to inspect the people's livelihood in the Philippines, and put his head together with his compatriots, who are struggling to revitalize Koreatown after COVID-19.

Director Lee said, "President Yoon Suk Yeol considers it important for overseas Koreans to successfully settle in their country of residence," adding, "We aim for a field-oriented problem-solving government that listens to the voices of the field and solves the problems that the people want." 

At the site, they shared their opinions with their compatriots on ways to revitalize Koreatown, such as installing CCTV to relieve security anxiety that is an obstacle to revitalizing Koreatown, sharing success stories among Koreatowns around the world, and consulting on ways to revitalize Koreatown. 

At the compatriots' meeting, they explained overseas Korean policies, such as the significance of the launch of OKA and the '100-day roadmap for the launch of the Overseas Koreans' Office', and listened to the suggestions of the Filipino Korean community.

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