Young People's Participation in Overseas Volunteer Service Widely Opens… KOICA More Than Doubles the Number of Youth Medium-Term Volunteer Corps Dispatch

오재경 Oh Jae-Gyung
29 Jan 2024

Starting this year, the number of dispatched members of the Korean government's flagship overseas service program, the Youth Medium-Term Volunteer Corps, which provides youth work experience in the field of international development cooperation, will be more than twice as large as last year.

KOICA (Korea International Cooperation Agency) announced on the 26th that it will bid for and hold a public offering for the "2024-2026 KOICA-Youth Medium-Term Volunteer Corps Dispatch Project," which is being pursued to foster talent in the field of international development cooperation and promote friendly relations with developing countries.

The Youth Mid-term Volunteer Corps is an overseas volunteer program for young people aged 19-34, which was launched in 2014. From 2021, volunteers have been selected according to ESG topics such as △ Environment, △ Social, and △ Governance, which are highly interested in young people, and operated for five months (1 month for domestic remote activities, 4 months for local dispatch to developing countries).

In line with the government's youth policy*, KOICA will diversify the youth mid-term volunteer group's activities into five categories that add digital, disability and human rights to the existing environment, society, and governance, and significantly expand the number of dispatched personnel from 151 last year to 400 this year.

The method of selecting the youth medium-term volunteer group project implementation organization varies depending on the project topic. The project implementation organization will be selected through competitive bidding for the subject projects of 'Environment, Social, Governance, Digital', and the subject projects of 'Disability and Human Rights' will be selected through a public offering.

Institutions wishing to participate in bidding for environmental, social, governance, and digital-themed projects must submit business proposals by March 5, and if selected as a preferred bidder through the review of the proposals, the final contract will be concluded through technical negotiations.

Institutions wishing to participate in the public offering on the subject of disability and human rights must submit business proposals by February 26, and after written, face-to-face screening, and implementation consultations, they will sign an agreement in April this year and begin their tasks.

The final selected performing institution should recruit volunteers from May to July this year, and conduct volunteer training and dispatch from August to September.


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